NexOpt GmbH

Environmentally Sustainable

Using Renewable Energy
Upcycling &
Using Recycled Materials
Electric Vehicle Fleet

Renewable Energy

Our manufacturing process uses 100% renewable energy sources. With geo-thermal heating and cooling – meaning no air conditioning, our new solar roof, re-purposed eVehicle battery banks for electric power storage our manufacturing process is green and renewable.

Recycled Materials

Hardware housing is made in-house using 100% recycled plastics. All left-over plastics from this process, is sent for recycling and comes back to us in ready to use pellets.

In-House Production

Hardware PCB boards are manufactured or ‘printed’ in-house, ensuring that we only produce what is needed. Unlike major telematics hardware brands like Verizon – that produce tens of thousands of PCBoards, resulting in thousands of waste defects that come from large scale mass production. 

Up-Cycling & Repurposing

We source used server racks and had them professionally refurbished. eVehicle batteries are repurposed to be used for solar energy storage.

EV Fleet

eVehicle specialists. eVehicle technology is coming, but unlike traditional telematics providers – we know that there is more to adding eVehicle’s to your fleet than SOC and range. Much more.

Product Lifespan

Our hardware has a lifespan of 10 years. Because we designed the hardware to be smart and modular, it can evolve and adapt to new technologies and functions.There is no need to ’throw it away’ when a new technical development comes to market or their are changes in regulatory environmental reporting.