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Founded in 1996, STEINBAUER the parent company behind NexOpt – is a leading manufacturer of integrated electronic circuits, printed circuit boards, and custom hardware and software for embedded applications. We have been developing and implementing smart additional technology that communicates with the ECU and CANBus on vehicles for over 20 years. It is our expertise in delivering customized hardware and software solutions that draw from our experience working with passenger vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, and heavy trucks – that has enabled us to develop a completely new innovative approach to telematics. 

STEINBAUER’s entry into the GPS fleet management market came from a request of necessity from a large government customer. After having tried most traditional telematics providers in Europe, they remained unhappy with the cost, flexibility, and innovation of products on the market. The customer had a large EV fleet, bringing additional challenges that traditional telematics providers could not assist with. The project required developing new products and solutions to manage and reduce vehicle downtime and combat high maintenance costs associated with driver behavior. 

The Nexopt Difference

Ask yourself if you don’t understand vehicles, how people drive or operate them – how can you effectively and informatively help your customers and deliver solutions that help them achieve their goals?

Our principle is based on intelligent data collection, analytics, and solution-focused reporting. We have worked with vehicles and customers of all kinds for over 20 years; we know how they work, what makes them tick, how to ensure they run efficiently, and importantly, we understand how people use and drive them in real world scenarios.
STEINBAUER’s Nexopt product has been developed 100% in-house. The hardware and the process that we use to collect and report data are highly secure using our in-house developed coded security protocols and offer greater flexibility and security than competitor products that utilize third-party hardware and outsourced software programs. We provide the added protection of a purpose-designed solution with the flexibility to integrate with other systems safely and securely – if needed.

Green Technology

Everything we do has a direct result on the carbon footprint we leave behind – efficiency is key to reducing this footprint. Nexopt is not just about us providing our customers with a product, it’s about working with them to achieve their goals and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

We don’t just talk about efficiency, we live it. Our company runs our own EV vehicle fleet, our buildings are green. Our Austrian Head Office was awarded the prestigious European award for Environmental Excellence and remains a building industry benchmark. Our Michigan office was renovated to include industry best standards for workplace environment management and environmental efficiency. 

STEINBAUER believes that providing fleet management to cities and counties is more than just a service to provide; we see this as a partnership of innovation and progression for leveraging the information the fleet data offers. It is an opportunity to look forward and evolve with changes in our communities.