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Asset Management & Telematics

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Drive & Usage Logs

Export drive reports for your local tax authorities. Private & business drives are distinguished.

Asset Manager

Manage all of your assets in just a few clicks. Our system is dynamic and highly customizable.

Route Documentation

Log every movement in your fleet. Nexopt works with both vehicles and portable assets.

Service Alerts

Get notifications of upcoming maintenance or legal events regarding your fleet.

GPS - Live Tracking

Track the exact positions and movements of your assets with our precise GPS system.

Battery Voltage

Find batteries in critical condition before something more serious occurs on the road.

Fault Codes

Get priority notifications of occurring DTC events - with descriptions and exact location.

Fuel Level

Monitor fuel levels throughout your fleet - get empty tank alerts and prevent misuse.

State of Charge

Keep an eye on the charge levels of your EV fleet - get notifications for critically low levels.

The Most Accurate Telematics Solution

Create Your IDEAL Telematics Solution

The NexOpt multimodal gateway is the only system on today’s market that can unlock your assets full monitoring and driver behavior management potential. Individually tailored to suit your needs, NexOpt’s revolutionary approach to data collection captures and reports pre-determined parameters, delivering a more accurate overview of your fleet.

Pay-Per-Feature System

Most traditional telematics providers offer standard service packages where the customer ends up paying for data and results they don’t really need.

Our approach to asset tracking and management is to work with the customer to determine what features and services they really need. Our fully customized approach means customized only ever pay for the services that are right for their business, with the added flexibility to add or remove functions when the need arises.

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Our Customer Care Team gladly informs you about our individual solutions.
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The NexOpt Difference

Monitored Parameters Unfiltered Complete CAN-Bus Data Relevant For Your Used Services
Data Accuracy 30 sec Intervals - Data May Be Missed 0.5 sec Intervals - High Accuracy
System Flexibility Brand / Vehicle Specific Compatible With All Brands & Vehicle Types
Costs Fixed Cost - Regardless of Used Features Pay-Per-Feature
Portal Customization Non-Configurable Interface Highly Customizable UI
Driver Behavior Only Analytic Data Provided Active Management for Vehicle Parameters
Data Volume up to 15 MB / Day 500 MB Lasts 5 Years



Precise GPS tracking for all types of assets.


The gateway can connect to your cell phone to provide extended services.


Fast internet connection worldwide with lifetime data plan.*

Global Coverage

Internet connection in over 100 countries around the world.

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** Nexopt is in development phase. Descriptions and illustrations are subject to change.