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Asset Management & Telematics

Nexopt Services

Drive & Usage Logs

Log every movement in your fleet. Nexopt works with both vehicles and portable assets.

Asset Manager

Manage all of your assets in just a few clicks. Our system is dynamic and highly customizable.

Route Documentation

Export drive reports for your local tax authorities. Private & business drives are distinguished.

Service Alerts

Get notifications of upcoming maintenance or legal events regarding your fleet.

GPS - Live Tracking

Track the exact positions and movements of your assets with our precise GPS system.

Battery Voltage

Find batteries in critical condition before something more serious occurs on the road.

Fault Codes

Get priority notifications of occurring DTC events - with descriptions and exact location.

Fuel Level

Monitor fuel levels throughout your fleet - get empty tank alerts and prevent misuse.

State of Charge

Keep an eye on the charge levels of your EV fleet - get notifications for critically low levels.

Worldwide Coverage

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A full overview

Nexopt manages your fleet data clearly in our Cloud system.

  • Asset Categories
  • Custom Locations
  • Reports

Stay informed

Nexopt notifies you of anything important, such as: deadlines, engine problems and fault codes.

Notification examples

  • Safety Inspection Expiry
  • Low Fuel Level
  • Low Battery Voltage
  • Fault Codes
  • Service Reminders
  • Speed Limit Violations


Most frequent questions and answers

Nexopt is completely brand and machine/vehicle independent. Our gateway can be installed on cars, trucks, boats, agricultural and construction machinery, motorbikes, ATV’s and portable assets – like diesel generators and light towers. 

Your starter pack includes the one-time cost of the Nexopt Gateway and the first year of basic service. Additional packages can be purchased separately at any time. 

Nexopt uses a sophisticated independent cloud system that collects and analyzes the data received from the Nexopt Gateways wherever they are located. You can use Nexopt on your assets locally, interstate or around the globe. One system, one gateway, one platform. 

Your data is securely stored on our servers and it can accessed any time at your convenience via a secure web-based portal.

NexOpt has offices with support teams in Europe and North America. 

NexOpt operates in over 100 countries worldwide and is mobile provider independent. 

Nexopt Gateway


Precise GPS tracking for all types of assets.


The gateway can connect to your cell phone to provide extended services.


Fast internet connection worldwide with lifetime data plan.*

Global Coverage

Internet connection in over 100 countries around the world.

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** Nexopt is in development phase. Descriptions and illustrations are subject to change.