NexOpt - your partner in asset management

Your partner in asset management

We know that a pre-telematics package can not fit all. At NexOpt, we see ourselves as a reliable partner who listens to your needs and follows your project every step of the way. We help you optimize the use of your assets thanks to tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of your business.

We connect everything

NexOpt works with all assets including cars, trucks, boats, agricultural and construction machinery. It also works with assets without engine or batteries like trailers and containers. 

We create the perfect mix

NexOpt is developed and customized based on your requirements. It offers full flexibility on services and parameters, so you only monitor what really matters. 

We empower you

NexOpt is the telematics partner on which you can rely on. We listen to your needs, helps you get full control of your fleet and maximizes the use of your assets. 

We make it easy

NexOpt has an easy-to-use, straightforward telematics solution. We work with a system of apps, where you can easily request the download and installation of new features, as on your smartphone.  

Our solutions

Tailor-made telematics

We provide a web-based telematics solution that suits your needs. We can connect any assets type.

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Driver-behavior solution

We can solve driver-related issues at its source thanks to active management of selected vehicle parameters. 

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ERP integration

We integrate all your business functions in the same telematics portal, so you have everything at hand. 

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