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NexOpt ABC
Innovative Fleet Management for the Future of Mobility

Join us in exploringΒ the diversity of our innovations as we use each letter of the alphabet to provide you with a comprehensive insight into our revolutionary solutions. Discover, step by step through the alphabet, how NexOpt professionally and efficiently manages your fleet, and gain a clear overview of the many possibilities we have in store for your company.

A - Analysis & Automatic Alarms

Real-time automatic alarms inform you about critical events such as empty tanks or weak batteries. This way, you keep an eye on costs, charging/fueling evaluations, error logs, and upcoming services. A comprehensive A-Z solution for your fleet management! 🚨

B - Battery Status

NexOpt keeps you informed about the power supply of your vehicles. Whether it's the voltage of the starter battery or the charge status in electric vehicles, our system informs you automatically. This way, you are always prepared and can act in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary downtime. πŸ”‹

C - Carsharing

Simple and secure sharing of vehicles. With our system, you can conveniently book vehicles and use your employee card not only for (un)locking but also for effortless billing. Enjoy the flexibility of car sharing while optimizing the use of your fleet at the same time. πŸ”

D - Detailed Reports

At NexOpt, we not only capture data but also make it meaningfully usable. Our detailed reports provide you with a clear insight into all the data of your vehicles. This helps you keep track and facilitates informed decision-making for your fleet management.Β πŸ“Š

E - Efficiency increase

NexOpt enables intelligent use of telematics data, including the current state of charge (SOC), charging amount, charging location, and charging duration. This information allows for precise energy management planning to increase efficiency and ensure the optimal use of vehicles.Β πŸ“ˆ

F - Fleet Management

NexOpt provides a comprehensive solution for the entire fleet management process. From the procurement and registration of vehicles to the management of master data, contracts, and services, to license checks, damage management, and the smooth sale or deregistration of vehicles.Β πŸš—

G - GPS-Tracking

Thanks to GPS-Tracking, companies can keep track of their fleet and all their assets in real time. This technology not only enables theft prevention and prevention of unauthorized use but also route optimization and improved operational efficiency by capturing data such as speed and fuel consumption. πŸ“

H - High Flexibility

Our solution is compatible with all brands and types of vehicles, eliminating the need for multiple telematics solutions from different manufacturers. And the best part? You only pay for the features you actually use. No standard monthly packages, no prepayments - with us, you enjoy full flexibility. πŸ”“Β 

I - Individual Solutions

In close collaboration with our customers, we create a detailed specification sheet and implement the desired features exactly as they envision. This partnership approach ensures that our solutions are optimally tailored to their individual needs. πŸ—‚Β 

J - Join us in...

...never missing another annual inspection or important maintenance appointment again! Our intelligent notification feature reminds you of upcoming inspections in a timely manner, ensuring that your vehicles and equipment always meet standards. This minimizes downtime and ensures the operational safety of your fleet, allowing you to focus fully on your core business. πŸ”

K - Kilometer Readings

Thanks to our innovative technology, the true mileage of each vehicle is easily accessible at any time. This transparency allows you to know the exact condition of your fleet and take timely measures to ensure the operational safety and reliability of your vehicles. πŸš™

L - Less Idle Time

Through detailed route recording and analysis, our solution enables you to perfectly optimize and reduce idle time for your vehicles. By gaining insights into usage patterns, you can identify inefficient processes and take targeted actions to increase productivity.Β 
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