The NexOpt difference

The NexOpt difference

Ask yourself if you don't understand vehicles, how people drive or operate them, how can you effectively and informatively help your customers and deliver solutions that help them achieve their goals?

 Herbert Steinbauer, CEO of NexOpt

Our strenghts

In-house development and manufacturing

Over 25 years of experience in development of advanced additional vehicle electronics

A partner who follows your project every step of the way

A solution developed especially to suits your needs

The NexOpt Difference

Competitors NexOpt
Monitored parameters Full list of CAN-Bus Data Relevant data for your business
Data accuracy 30 sec intervals 0.5 sec intervals
System Flexibility Brand/Vehicle specific Compatible with all brands & vehicle types
Costs Fixed costs Pay-per-feature
Portal Customization Non-configurable interface Highly customizable interface
Driver Behavior Only analytic data provided Active management of parameters
Data Volume Up to 15MB/Day 500MB lasts for 5 years