Tailor-made asset management


Tailor-made asset management solution

We offer a  complete asset management solution  including a highly customizable portal, the analysis of your data and a constant support to make sure you get the best out of your assets. 

Flexible:   We can connect any type of asset; removing the need to use several branded telematics solutions. 

Reliable:   We capture data twice a second, providing the most accurate measurement system of your vehicle parameters on the market. 

Intuitive:   Our interface works with a system of apps, enabling a fast and easy customization of your solution.

We provide you with

Useful information only

You receive only the parameters you selected, so you are not overloaded with irrelevant data. 

All your assets at a glance

You do not have to use several systems anymore, we can include any type of assets in our portal, even the ones without engine or battery (ex: container). 

A continuous support

Our team of experts is here to help you define the best solution for your fleet. We like to define ourselves as your trustworthy telematics partner. 

Worldwide availability

Our services are available globally. We have two headquarters: one in Europe and one in the USA. The rest of the territory is covered by selected resellers. 

Flexible monthly cost

You pay only for the features you use: no standard monthly package, no up-front payments, full flexibility.