Common questions


How is NexOpt different from other telematics providers?

NexOpt can be fully customized based on your needs, when other providers offer only standard static solution. The main advantage is that you get only the information you need and do not get overwhelmed by unnecessary data. You can also update and change the features included in your portal overtime, as your business requirements evolve. 

For which vehicles can you use NexOpt?

For all kind of vehicles, even assets without engine and/or battery like trailers.

Can you also monitor containers?

Yes, that's possible with our Battery-Dongle.

Where is the data stored?

On the Nexopt servers. 

In which countries is NexOpt available?

NexOpt is available worldwide and is mobile provider independent.

How quickly can I see the results from using NexOpt?

The combination of our telematics portal and the active control functions enable you to see the results immediately. The customized portal will only show relevant data to you for an immediate overview of your fleet status. While the chassis will directly control the requested feature on your vehicles, suppressing the problem at its source.

Our telematics portal is very intuitive and user friendly. However, if you require assistance, our experts are able to support remotely.

How much does NexOpt costs?

At Nexopt, we have a “pay-per-use” system which ensure that you pay only for the data you are using – unlike our competitors who provide standard packages which includes all data (even the ones you might not need). Therefore, the price varies depending on the number of apps you request. Contact us to receive a precise quote.