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Beat range anxiety with EV telematics
LINZ, Austria – (November 18th, 2021) – The reduction of CO2 emissions has become a priority worldwide, with many companies currently investigating the possibility of switching their fleet to fully electric vehicles.  

However, this change raises some concerns that, in turn, slows down the adoption of EVs. Range anxiety, the fear of not reaching the desired destination due to insufficient charge capacity, or the lack of charging stations on the route are common hurdles that stop fleets from adding EVs.

Apart from the technical improvements existing in the e-vehicles segment, using a dedicated telematics system is one solution to remotely manage and monitor your fleet while ensuring you get the best out of your electric assets.

How can telematics help with EVs range anxiety?

  • Real-time state of charge (SoC)
  • Routes optimization
  • Efficiency reports
  • Planned maintenance

A map overview of your fleet will help you track your assets' location and their state of charge. Alerting the fleet manager when a vehicle runs low on battery enables them to take proactive measures and introduce optimized routes based on the traffic situation and charging status. Complete visibility of the EV fleet ensures you avoid downtime caused by vehicles being out-of-battery or by crowded charging stations. 

The telematics system generates vehicle efficiency reports to monitor and anticipate potential issues or misuse of your assets. The addition of active vehicle technology from NexOpt can solve problems at the source by ensuring your asset respects specific parameters defined by you (ex: speed limit, vehicle access, temperature).

Another concern and time-consuming factor is downtime. Some telematics tools offer your assets a proactive maintenance planning option to avoid your vehicle being out of service. 

Thanks to over 25 years of experience working within the aftermarket automotive electronic industry – including EVs – NexOpt, we have developed dedicated features for electric vehicles within our asset management system. More than a software provider, we are a reliable partner focused on helping your business visualize and solve problems with your fleet. 

The NexOpt dashboard can be fully customized based on your individual needs, quickly adding or removing parameters and KPIs thanks to a system of apps. Our team of experts works with you to understand the challenges you face with your fleet. We will then analyze your asset data and provide tailor-made solutions to ensure that you are as efficient as possible. 

A key point of difference in our product portfolio is our ability to introduce active vehicle parameter management. By enabling you to get selected parameters into pre-determined laneways, this technology is ideal for solving driver behavior-related issues. You can see immediate results without using costly training or counseling sessions.

Every customer is unique. Everyone has different challenges, problems, and priorities. The NexOpt team will work with you every step of the way to ensure those asset challenges become a thing of the past. Contact our team directly to discuss how NexOpt can work for you. 


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