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NexOpt takes a sustainable approach to their business
LINZ, Austria – (October 12th, 2021) – The industry’s current level of pollution continues to raise concerns for the environment. NexOpt is committed to a green future and takes a pro-active approach to reduce their carbon footprint. From the integration of eco-friendly practices to a fully integrated manufacturing process, they apply the principles of the circular economy in everything they do. 

Recycling and upcycling

Today, the plastic production is estimated at 300 million tons per year, and around 60% of it ends up being discarded in the environment. NexOpt was focused on using recycled plastic for their electronic housing. Using only recyclable plastics they company have taken a stance to not produce products with single use plastics material. All unusable plastic parts and remnants are taken to a specialized recycle and processing center and are purchased back as granulated plastic; ready to start its next life.
Upcycling is also a big part of the waste reduction process followed at NexOpt. They are always searching for ways to reduce waste and give normally discarded products a new life. After a chance encounter, they began to use vegetable storage boxes as trailer to transport and ship their goods for bulk fleet purchases; meaning they do not pack each product individually. Saving on thousands of individual packing boxes annually. It’s not just packaging where they focus their environmental message, their server banks are purchased second-hand and completely refurbished to give them a second life, rather than them end up in land-fill and recently they have started utilizing batteries from EV cars to store additional solar power.

Energy efficient office

Their main office, located near Linz, in Austria, was built with the aim to reduce their global footprint. Awarded “Best architecture of the year 2017” by the WKO (Austrian Economic Chamber), their Headquarters meets the highest energy standards. It combines a forward-thinking
and functional design to create a pleasant and green working environment, while reducing overall energy consumption.

The large windows and doors surrounding the building enable the use of natural light throughout the day and the inside building temperature is regulated by a geothermal system and smart shutters which automatically regulate the air conditioning.
The expansive roof is covered with solar panels, providing pure energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Water waste is limited by the use of automatic sensor water taps in all restrooms.

In-house manufacturing and pro-environmental behavior

Their energy savings initiatives do not stop with the building and product manufacture. By manufacturing in-house, the company reduces the need for shipping goods in from third party suppliers and reducing their overall CO2 emissions. The company chose to switch to e-Vehicles for their own fleet three years ago and they currently use Smart and Tesla vehicles.
Their environmental message runs throughout the workplace, they encourage pro-environmental behavior among their employees.
Individual waste is separated at each work place in dedicated bins, and internal communication is mostly run via digital channels to minimize the need for printed material. All computers are turned off at the end of the working day and all lighting is run by sensors and smart timers, saving unnecessary electric consumption.

With NexOpt, we want to contribute to a sustainable economy. We provide the best quality to our customers and ensure minimum impact on the environment. Our hardware parts are made out of recyclable plastic, we use mostly renewable energy sources and the quantity of wastes produced is minimized thanks to our eco-responsible policy.” states Herbert Steinbauer, CEO of NexOpt. 

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