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NexOpt, the first active asset management system


How it all started

Linz, Austria (18th November 2021) - STEINBAUER is an engineering company developing and providing electronic components and parts for various engine-powered assets for over 25 years. NexOpt evolved as a stand-alone product to fill the industry's need for having an asset management and tracking system that offered greater flexibility than the industry standard. Their background in aftermarket vehicle electronics gave them a greater understanding of the challenges faced by customers. With this understanding, NexOpt can provide active and passive monitoring and recording solutions for various assets. Their ethos is to solve problems for their customers by tapping into their knowledge and experience.

Four years ago, a government company contacted them and outlined their fleet's current and ongoing issues. Frustrated at the generic telematics/fleet management products on the market, they expressed the need to monitor and act on specific vehicle parameters directly linked with driver's behavior. This repetitive behavior would improve after retraining but inevitably return, costing them hundreds of thousands of euros every year. An additional challenge was that specific privacy restrictions and worker's union requirements needed to be followed.

After analyzing the market and talking to several customers, STEINBAUER saw the opportunity to develop a brand new asset management system that could answer the needs of hundreds of businesses.


The NexOpt difference

So what makes NexOpt different to its main competitors out there? Their revolutionary approach integrates an active solution that can manage and control pre-defines vehicle parameters, limiting the driver's ability to fall back into bad habits. An industry-first solution to solve the most common and challenging problem faces by all fleet managers: driver-related issues. 

But NexOpt's innovations do not stop there. They also seek to make telematics understandable and valuable for everyone, whether a beginner or an expert. Their user interface works with a system of apps: one app equals one feature. Each customer can fully customize its portal by choosing its essential parameters and implementing the best graphic overview to have all info at first glance.

Last but not least, NexOpt provides a product that is compatible with different assets. It is rare that a customer only uses one single type of vehicle or asset for its business, and what assets holds value for one customer doesn't for another. Most customers juggle multiple branded systems to get all their assets monitored, and this can be time-consuming and increase expenses. NexOpt is brand independent and can work with almost any type of asset, on and off-road.

"With NexOpt, we want to make a difference in the telematics industry. We want to provide THE solution that fleet managers out there were looking for. We see our job helping our customers solve their problems by harnessing the valuable data collected from their assets. Telematics should create less work, not more. We are a small team, but we can surpass the offer of major players in the market thanks to our expertise and flexibility, says Hubert Eder, Head of Product Development.

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