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Reach your sustainability goals with NexOpt
Sustainability is key to a successful company, whether you aim to reduce your environmental impact or to optimize your resources overall. In this article, we discover how NexOpt can help you reach your goals and maintain them in the long term. 

Being sustainable is not just a trend; it has become essential for daily business. To grow steadily and be competitive, a company should meet specific criteria such as using environmentally friendly products and implementing green practices in their business operations. It also means that they should aim to reduce wastes and optimize the use of their resources, benefiting both the environment and total running costs. When working more efficiently, businesses can optimize working hours and reduce costs linked to the misuse of their assets.  

Switching to electric vehicles

With this approach in mind, companies can take specific actions and set up goals for the years to come. One such goal is the renewal of their fleet with electric vehicles. A concern that arises when switching to EVs is usually the range limitation. By regulating specific asset parameters such as speed, temperature, acceleration, or additional electrical components, NexOpt can help increase the range of an electric vehicle. 

But EVs also have different needs than traditional cars; this is why we developed special features to monitor your fleet efficiently. You can choose in between several KPIs such as charging events, State of Charge (SoC), average consumption, or charge stations in use to get all critical information at a glance. 

Reduce CO2 emissions of combustion engines

Not every business is ready to run with a fully electric fleet for various reasons. We also offer a solution to keep the CO2 emissions of combustion engines low by managing specific vehicle parameters influencing the fuel consumption, such as harsh accelerations and braking, unnecessary idle time, overuse of heating or air conditioning. 

We will regulate these features following pre-defined rules, solving the problem at its source. Common examples are limiting the speed to 100 km/h, automatically turning off the car after 30sec idling, or turning off the heating if the door or window remains open. 

Optimize your business resource

Outside the environmental aspect, efficient use of all resources and overall cost reductions are at the heart of any business concern. NexOpt provides a complete resource planning and asset management solution for every aspect of your business. 

Thanks to precise monitoring of your assets, you can easily find the source of extra costs and take corrective actions immediately. Our nexoptOS software enables a straightforward optimization of your processes from creation to delivery. Save time by scheduling reports, digitalizing your paperwork, and receiving reminders on essential tasks. 

As every customer is unique, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your needs. We can provide tailor-made solutions to help your business reach its sustainability goals. 

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