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Telematics and fleet management for rural counties and cities
DOWAGIAC, Michigan – (October 6th, 2021) – STEINBAUER, first introduced the aftermarket world to ‘plug n play’ electronics back in 1996. Fast forward 25 years, and they have released another revolutionary product that builds on their strength of knowledge developing and manufacturing electronics for all kinds of engine-driven assets. NexOpt may be relatively new to the world of Telematics and Fleet Management, but the fresh approach they bring is a welcome change to the status quo.

When looking at the US market, they noticed that rural counties and cities were often unable to afford the benefits of having a modern Fleet Management and Telematics system installed. The costs of the hardware, the ongoing monthly fees, and inflexible fleet system software made Fleet Management unattainable for many rural counties and cities. 

Company founder and CEO Herbert Steinbauer wanted to highlight the urgent need to provide solutions to these areas. "It was essential for us that we looked at the market that everyone else seemed to have forgotten and ask ourselves why?" Steinbauer said. "Rural cities and counties play pivotal role in our communities, yet their access to the latest developments in telematics and fleet management services often left them lagging behind their larger city counterparts. We wanted to deliver a product that addresses the issues they faced head-on."

Rural counties and cities tend to battle with budgetary constraints, so ensuring that every dollar is spent wisely is essential. While conducting market research, they discovered that many counties still utilized paper records or spreadsheets to record fleet data. The systems still in use amongst the majority were inefficient, time-consuming, and required much manual work - but they lacked an affordable alternative that suited their needs.

Geofencing, accurate position data, mileage, fuel use, and the possibility to manage maintenance and monitor vehicle use are essential features provided through telematics. NexOpt takes this a step further by developing and manufacturing their own telematics hardware and purpose-designed software; their system consumes the same amount of data in five years as a competitor product does in one month “Data and data storage costs money, and being tied into a selected cell network provider was not practical for rural cities and counties,” Steinbauer says. The transmission of telematics big data in traditional telematics systems pushes the monthly costs up. They needed to look at an overall solution that addressed both the cost and flexibility of the system. NexOpt works using its own operating system nexOS, the platform is app based and offers additional modules, for workshop management, human resources, KPI/Crystal reporting, inventory/warehouse, invoicing, fuel management, driver logbooks; just to name a few. “NexOpt has the ability to be a complete ERP system, nexOS is an app-based concept – our customers can add apps as they need and all apps can be customized for their individual needs. Our approach is a first for telematics and fleet management, who traditionally rely on third party contractors to fulfil additional functionality. We do it all in one system.” says Steinbauer. 

One of the biggest challenges for rural cities and counties, was the ability to access to utilize all assets in an emergency. Being able to connect and view all useable assets, first responder vehicles, boats, service pickup trucks, and all assets located in one Fleet Management Portal allows forward emergency planning and rapid response co-ordination to save lives. Different Division asset information can be viewed, analyzed, and shared using the multiple Dashboard display options. The nexoptSmartDash system offers pre-defined dashboard views, plus the ability for the user to create individual boards. “The system is highly flexible and can be customized to add or remove features, department or division access – there are simply too many possibilities to mention.” says Steinbauer.

At their core, STEINBAUER is an Engineering company. The combined experience and knowledge of working inside the framework of modern vehicles and how best to leverage, enhance or report this information for specific project requirements is their specialty and the driving force behind their new product NexOpt. Their products are developed and manufactured in-house by a team of highly qualified engineers at their state-of-the-art facility located near Linz in Austria with their US sales and support in Dowagiac, Southwest Michigan. 

STEINBAUER’s NexOpt range of products are manufactured using 100% renewable energy.

STEINBAUER has a dedicated office in Southwest Michigan to service the North American market, +1 269-285-0800 or email 
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