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Discover the wide range of applications of the card reader.


Lock and unlock the vehicle

Use vehicle without the hassle of handing over keys! If many drivers use the same vehicle, it is opened and locked by employee card. The ignition key is located in the glove compartment and can often be left there if a start button is installed instead of the ignition lock. 


Mobile time recording

Do you have a business with mobile employees who are out on the job site or visiting customers? NexOpt makes time tracking flexible and easy - record working hours where they occur.


Unlock after authorization

Grant employees individual access to the vehicle fleet by means of an employee card
(one-time use, use for a certain period of time, use with restricted functions, ... )


Driver identification

Before the upcoming trip, the driver logs into the vehicle with an employee card. His data is automatically stored and archived in the electronic driver's logbook. The red flashing light on the card reader and the signal tone remind the driver to login before starting the journey.