Standortverwaltung | Nexopt

Simplified coordination with real-time efficiency.


Define GEO zone

Do you know the situation? You are waiting for important materials, for example for a construction site. The transporting vehicle has long since arrived on site, but unfortunately, you were not informed of this. With NexOpt's location management, you are automatically notified when a company-owned vehicle enters a virtually predefined area.


Leave GEO zone

A vehicle is prohibited from leaving its fixed assigned area, such as a construction site or factory premises? With NexOpt's location management, you are immediately and automatically informed by message if a vehicle leaves a previously virtually delimited area.


Vehicle utilization

There are always vehicles that are parked significantly more often than they are driven. Does not really make sense and costs more money than it brings? RIGHT! With NexOpt's location management you always see all continuously and already longer inactive vehicles and can intervene immediately.