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14 DAYS - 14 EURO

Welcome to the NexOpt GPS tracking portal,
the cooperation with the online guide eMobility of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce.

With the service '14 days - 14 euros' the online guide of the Chamber of Commerce,
In cooperation with NexOpt, companies have the opportunity to analyze their daily driving and
to determine the potential for switching to e-vehicles. And that for the whole of Austria and across borders.

Your advantages

GPS stapler for 1€ per day (max. 5 pieces)

✔ Precise analysis of the vehicle valuation

✔ Designation of documentation and rough analysis

Limited extension of the trial period possible for only 1€ per day   
    (individual request)

 ✔ Our offer:
     14 days of use against a deposit of 100 €.
     Return of the deposit with deduction of the rental period
     and postage 

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To participate GPS tracking service please fill out the form below.


Confirm your participation by making your payment.


You will receive your NexOpt GPS tracker by mail.

Test days

Install the NexOpt GPS tracker in your vehicle. Quick and easy without professional help. 


At the end of the 14 test days, simply return the GPS tracker to NexOpt.


You will then receive a comprehensive evaluation of the use of your vehicle and your deposit payment minus the time of use and postage (1€ per day / max. 21. days).

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Information on the privacy policy

- Personal data of the vehicle user is recorded during the test campaign 
- The permanent possibility of locating a company vehicle for the employer during working hours is considered a control measure that affects human dignity (cf. OGH 22.1.2020, 9 ObA 120/19s; GPS system).
- Control measures that affect human dignity are only permissible in companies in which a works council has been established with its consent (Section 96 (1) (3) of the Labor Constitution Act - ArbVG).
- In companies without a works council, the (written) consent of the employee is required for the introduction and use of control measures that affect human dignity (§ 10 Arbeitsvertragsrechts-Anpassungsgesetz - AVRAG)


You would like to test more than 5 vehicles?

The promotion 14 days - 14 EURO is limited to max. 5 vehicles.
If you would like to test the action on a larger scale, we will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

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Installation instructions

The installation instructions will be sent to you together with the hardware.